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18 September 2009 @ 09:02 pm
Let Us Entertain You - Gossip Gixie  

Gossip Gixie

CAUGHT: Law-student highlighted the name of a specific dark duke every time the name showed up in a certain book. Is it love?

LOST: The Lower City’s favorite violet-eyed cat. Has he found a lady-cat to occupy his time, or is it foul play?

WHICH Knight-mistress taught her troublesome squire to keep quiet? Or is it just a simple case of Lioness-got-your-tongue?

HOW Many court ladies did Tortall’s own black-robed mage woo before he finally settled down with a certain animal-lover?

SEEN: One page from the palace entering a slightly-less-than-respectable inn via an upstairs window of a private room.

VANISHED: The sparkly necklace of a crow-turned-man.

RUMORED: A certain “blond shadow” that has long been thought beyond this world might not be as dead as thought.

WHEN Will a certain blue-eyed sergeant propose to end the controversy that has been holding the court in its grasp for years?

WHICH Young spymistress had a fling with her mother’s sharp-tongued squire?

CAUGHT: Married hunting god has been spending a lot of time with a certain wave-walking goddess lately.

MISSING: One kindly teddy bear. Send to Fief Dunlath, if found.

CAUGHT: A Carthaki Empress has been spotted with a certain Emperor's cousin in the back way of the menagerie.

RUMORED: Ancient Duke possesses the magical health of an immortal. Is it a mysterious deal with Stormwings or is he lying about his age?

SEEN: Which royal princess has been entertaining the Giantkiller's squire in her private chambers?


Gossip Gixie