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03 September 2009 @ 04:57 pm
Goldenlake Notices  
Goldenlake Notices

  • Malorie’s Peak Prompts will continue to run fortnightly.

  • Recipes are still being accepted for the cook book.

  • September is a recruitment drive month.

  • Fanart challenges start September 1st.

  • Round Robin will start mid-September.

  • The 21st-27th of September will be Once Sentence Week.

  • Goldenlake will be hosting a Fairytales Challenge from the 1st-31st of October.

  • 22 November is the Giantkiller Issue Three submissions deadline.

  • Giantkiller Issue Three comes out 1 December.

  • Piercefic ’09 runs 1 December through 31 January.

  • Tamora Pierce’s birthday is on 13 December.