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29 May 2009 @ 04:44 pm
Goldenlake Fanzine Issue #1  
Giantkiller - June 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Giantkiller, the Goldenlake Tamora Pierce Fanzine!

Our format is interactive - all articles are summarised in this post, with links provided to the full articles, where readers can comment and discuss the articles. The Fanzine is very board-centric, and this particular edition focuses on Goldenlake's opening and early endeavours! A full PDF version of the fanzine will become available in early June on the Goldenlake Resources site, should you wish to obtain a copy of it. It is also available on the Goldenlake Discussion Board.

So, without further adieu, I give you: Giantkiller!


From Admin
Katty talks staff, the Goldenlake community, ongoing projects, upcoming events, Giantkiller, and of course, Duke Roger of Conte.

From the Editor
Rojo thanks all those involved with Giantkiller and comments on the challenges of putting a fanzine together in under a month.

Up and Coming Events
See all our planned community events for the rest of 2009: bookclub, drabble prompts, exchanges, competitions and more!

Board Update
Ubiquitous highlights some of the best discussions and most amusing threads on Goldenlake so far.

Mod Spotlight
We shine the spotlight on our two Administrators, Katty and Ubiquitous, and try to get to know them a little better (if you dare!).

Writing, News and Reviews

Bloodhound Review
Anaroriel reviews Tammy Pierce's newest release, Bloodhound. The review contains minimal spoilers.

Q&A with Tammy Pierce
Katty puts the important questions to Tammy: Will Vedris make Sandry his heir, What was Sabine's quarrel with Roger, and (most importantly) Will we see any more Duke Roger?

New Quasi-Canon
A convenient summary of all the snippets of news and new quasi-canon revealed on Random Buzzers for both Tortall and Emelan!

Competitions Update
Isha gives us an overview of the success of Goldenlake's first competition, the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament.

Breaking the Block
Rojo discusses ways to defeat Writer's Block.

Graceling Review
Rojo reviews Kristin Cashore's debut release, Graceling (no spoilers).

For Your Enjoyment

Tortall Fanfiction Recommendations
Rosie highlights a variety of well written, entertaining Tortall fanfiction.

Emelan Fanfiction Recommendations
Isha highlights a variety of well written, entertaining Emelan fanfiction.

Fanfiction Author Spotlight
Rosie shines the Author Spotlight on fanfiction.net writer and Goldenlake member, k4writer02.

Fanart Highlight
Zbilja and Anaroriel highlight a few pieces of Fanart submitted to the board.

Let Us Entertain You

A Revised History of Tortall
Explore the myth and magic surrounding the legend of Tortall's most charismatic teddy, Lord Theodore.

A Day in the Life Of...
Walk the steps of a day in the life of a Royal Page - mayhem, mischief and almost-naked Joren (ISHA!!)

Top Ten Tips
Jonathan of Conte shares his top ten tips for surviving overly ambitious relatives.

Letters to Miss R A Oul
Our resident agony aunt, Miss R A Oul, tries her best to answer the tricky and twisted letters from our Tortallan readers.

Gossip Gixie
Gossip reporter, Gossip Gixie, shares her scandalous scoop!

Personals and Classifieds
Whether you're looking for a magic corset, someone to feed you brains, or that special love interest, this is the place to advertise.

With many thanks to:

Fanzine Contributors

Tamora Pierce