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29 May 2009 @ 04:27 pm
Introductions - Goldenlake Board Update  
Goldenlake Discussion Board Update

I think we can safely say that the board has gotten off to a great start. At present we have over 100 members, which really, is just plain awesome. There has also been a lot going on, and a quick run-down is most definitely in order.

The Tortall forum has been a veritable hub of activity. One of the first major discussion threads in the Tortall forum, 'Drugs in Tortall' discussed the types of drugs in Tortall, and how they are percieved and used in the Tortall-verse. Another early favourite was 'Unpopular Opinions', discussing opinions people had of things in the books that are considered to be unpopular in fandom. There has also been much debate of characters and their flaws and strengths, as well as their likability in threads such as 'Varice: Awesome or Awesome' and 'Why does everyone hate Aly?'.

The Random Buzzers board for the promotion of Bloodhound gave readers the opportunity to ask Tammy herself questions about the books. It also spawned the busiest discussion thread on Goldenlake, 'When Canon Turns Evil' which has had over 2000 page views. Other threads, such as 'Prostitution in Tortall,' were springboards for questions to ask Tammy on the Random Buzzers board and for the Giantkiller Q&A with Tammy.

Emelan has also been a busy place too, with discussions of lighter things such as shipping in the 'Favourite Ships' thread to the heavier stuff, like what will happen to the Circle after the end of Will of the Empress in 'The Aftermath of Will of the Empress' thread. Also up for discussion was the merits of the different types of Emelan magic in 'Academic vs Ambient Magic'.

The Tortall and Emelan book clubs have also been a success so far, having generated quite a bit of discussion on the books. There has also been the strange phenomenon of Roger-love spreading through the board. Most of that has been through the blatant adoration of Roger by our admin Kat, who has definitely endeared Roger to much of the board. Thankfully, not all of us have been affected.

The Provost's Dog and Up and Coming forums have been abuzz with the release of Bloodhound, with the 'Bloodhound - Spoiler Discussion Thread' and the 'Reaction to Bloodhound (Spoilers)' threads. Tammy's signings have also been the topic of some discussion, leading to a few Goldenlake members meetung up at one of her signings.

Writer's Circle has also been busy. As a board with a strong focus on writing, there are threads for the many issues of writers. The 'Reviews' thread, which discussed where review replying is more appropriate, and current trend of adding to favourites or C2s without being reviewed. There are also threads for those issues that plague writers, such as the 'General Writerly-Type Complaining Thread' and 'Pet Peeves'. In addition, threads like 'The Quick Canon-check Thread,' 'Plot Ideas' and 'Writing Tips' provide invaluable resources for the aspiring author. It's also the home of the 'Jossed' thread, which was then recreated in the Tortall board as the 'When Canon Turns Evil' thread.

The Goldenlake Drabble Prompts have gotten to a wonderful start. They have been a great way for people to sharpen their drabble skills to get ready for the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament. So far, we have had three prompts, having suspended the fortnightly prompts for the duration of the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament. Our first prompt was 'colour', and opened in late March, while the board was still in beta. After opening, we had our second prompt, 'hauntings' and our third prompt was 'addiction.' So far, we have had over 55 responses to the three drabble prompts, which is an excellent turnout.

To sum up, it has been a great first two months for Goldenlake, with well over 8000 posts and 600 topics and we hope that the next three months are even better.